Probably everything is different

Okładka Prawdopodobnie wszystko jest inaczej The book was published only in Polish

Probably everything is different

Table of contents


I. Can a computer think?

II. Defining concepts

III. What is information?

IV. Modeling reality

V. Intellectual capabilities of modern computers

VI. A few comments on evolution

VII.Why do we think any laws of nature apply?

VIII. Considerations on the geometry of the Universe

IX. What we consider possible and what we consider impossible

X. Why do we think that we think logically?

XI. Where do new ideas come from?

XII.Faith, free will and morality of people and computers

XIII. Future computer capabilities

XIV. Conclusion

APPENDIX A Examples of cellular automata

APPENDIX B A program in PHP for testing cellular automata

APPENDIX C Different space-time models

APPENDIX D A few tasks for the inquisitive